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#Patch 1.3 25.03.2020
#Patch 1.3
1)Fixed Crystal Cavern.
a)Fixed getting instance zone --> From now on, you will get instance zone after the death of Raid boss.
b)Fixed every door to Raidbosses
c)From now on, raid bosses will drop crystals properly.

2)Fixed bug in Donation Store(11 clan level) --> From now on, it decreasing the necessary amount of DC.
3)Fixed Raidbosses on SV.
4)Fixed Korean Event.
5)Fixed statistics of mobs(Plains of Lizardmen & Mahums) --> We're still working on their passive skills.
6)Fixed HTML(Raidboss info). Times are subject to the server time (/time).
7)Our economy is growing so we decided that now is the perfect moment to insert Dynasty/Icarus equipment to our Donate shop.
8)Decreased time of respawn mobs(Bridge).

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