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l2against.eu on Facebook
[Image: TKMnjhv.png]
Dear Players,

We've made an account on facebook to expand our horizons and develop good reputation. As you all know it requires a lot of time, but we do not care!

Lets start our adventure!

Most fanpages buy likes and such artificial pumping will not bring any success. So as my mother said - "baby steps" ---> Our first goal is to reach 100 likes and I am looking forward to your help. Check out our Facebook Contest --> we hope that your answers gonna be huge!

We will do appreciate to hear all your comments and suggestions about our page on Facebook, because everything is being realized for you, dear community!

Best Regards !
It's been a while since we took off with our fan page. We've already reached almost 350 likes and many people have become involved in our project.
Let's keep doing that way! Help us grow even more and leave like!
We've prepared a lot of facebook events so stay tuned!
https://www.facebook.com/l2against/posts...5997468825  ---> Treasure Contest!

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