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#Patch 1.4 27.03.2020
#PATCH 1.4

1)Changed "Dress me" and Agathions visual system (Default: ON).
2)Fixed Skill: Transfer-Pain  From now on, the summon doesn't disappear, if he's HP is equal to 1. Transfer pain will trigger now due to shield deflect magic(the reflected damage is reduced by transfer pain).
3)Fixed Fortress Sieges. From now on, captains spawn properly.

4)Changed duration time of spawn Fortress's guards from 10min to 5min.
5)Added started items for the whole week due to Second Chance Event.
6)Anakim Transformation has been removed from the server. He doesn't drop transformation book anymore.
7)Enabled Gift of Vitality

8)Fixed textures, crashes etc. ---> https://drive.google.com/file/d/14ht9Op9...sp=sharing (new client, already updated).

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