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#Patch 1.5 29.03.2020
#Patch 1.5

1)Fixed Skill: Corpse Burst --> From now on, after using the skill, the corpse disappears(retail-like)
2)Fixed Skill: Chain Heal --> From now on, skill doesn't cause aggression from the mobs. It works exactly as it is written in the description of the skill, i.e. from the second target it heals the most injured characters, taking into their HP as a percentage. Each subsequent person receives less healing.
3)Fixed Skill: Bistakon Deadly Roar(SOA doom)--->From now on, it works properly.
4)Fixed Skill: LionHeart --> From now on it works properly also for stuns and roots.
5)From now on, Mana Potions & HP Potions won't interrupt any of invulnerable skills, i.e. Flames of Invincibility.
6)Fixed PVP Zone --> From now on, if you make re-login, your character will be teleported to Town.
7)Added PVP Zone on Core and on the whole Seal of Spores(Orfen).
8)Added craft "attack" buffs to our Agathions(Duration time-->20min)
9)Increased amount of mails from 20 to 40.
10)From now on, you are able to receive the .vote reward from the beginning.

11)Fixed Knoriks AI (From now on, each one casting Dark Storm debuff).
12)Added more areas on DeathMatch.
13)Auto CP potions 3sec--->2sec.
14)Fixed drop on fortresses(normal guards).
15)Fixed Skill: Sharp Edge (From now on, it works properly).
16)Fixed Rune of Experience for new players.

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