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31.03.2020 #Patch 1.6
#Patch 1.6
1)Fixed Queen Ant PvP zone --> From now on, you won't be teleported to Town after QA spawn (kappa). Don't be so scary on next QA Smile
2)Fixed PvP Zone on Core.
3)Fixed skill: Counter Critical.
4)Fixed skill Eye of Hunter.
5)Fixed skill Eye of Slayer.
6)Fixed range of Shock Blast.
7)Fixed fortress instances.
8)Fixed rename service (donation shop).
9)Fixed Vampiric Impulse.
10)Cloak's are tradeable
11)Karma System has been changed. From now on, each player, who has more than 5PK, will drop items(1-6) depends on PK count. We've doubled the karma for killing the enemy.
12)Olympiad on | Start 01.04.2020 | First heroes 13.04.2020.
13)Sieges start at 05.04.2020(Sunday) (More info: NPC: Siege informer)
Available castles:

Aden, Giran, Dion, Gludio, Rune

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