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06.04.2020 #Patch 1.7 part 2
#Patch 1.7 part 2
1)Fixed Valakas respawn (As we said at the beginning, the respawn of Valakasa and Antharas is 2 weeks). Valakas will respawn on Saturdays due to conflict with time of siege.
2)We've changed our formulas also for crossbow's (the same as for archers in patch 1.7 part 1).
3)Fixed Skill: Triple Sonic Slash ---> From now on, the damage should be correct.
4)FA counting has been improved if your summon kills the enemy at the event.
5)Fixed passive skills on Sel Mahum Ground's mobs.
6)We've improved the teleportation system ---> From now on you won't be able to teleport yourself on the flag while your character is in town.
7)We've fixed Skill: Arcane Shield(retail like). Your buffs do not affect on reuse time anymore (reuse_delay_lock=1).
8)Fixed AI mobs on LOA Bridge.
9)Fixed Skill: Checkmate.
10)Fixed base chance of skill: Spite(retail like).
11)Fixed paralyze from Bloody Karinness --> From now on, it should work properly.
12)Fixed a little bit Karik spot. This place will be also more accessible to the warrior party.
13)Fixed passive skills: Drakos Assassins.
14)Fixed mana potions --> From now on, your buffs will not influence on mp potions regen.

15)Fixed formula of Mana Burn.
16)Rune of Experience and Potion pack has been removed(n
ew characters).
17)We've noticed that many parties don't need to have supporters, so we increased the chances of Cancellation by 10% in each loop.
18)We've rebuilt the whole geodata due to many problems of warrior's short-range skills. If you encounter the same or other problems, inform us!
19)The Territorial wars have been postponed to Saturday, 16:00 (server time) | 18:00 Warsaw time.
20)We've decreased P def from hero cloaks(100--->80). The client will be updated soon.

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