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11.04.2020 #Patch 1.8
#Patch 1.8
1) Fixed AI of commander on Aaru Fortress
2)We've decreased the limit for re-enter Fortress instance from 4h to 3h.
3)We've finished working on the no-carrier mode --> From now on, it will work properly, but only on PvP zones(your character won't be invul).
4)Fixed Cleanse ---> From now on, it will work properly.
5)Fixed all counterattack/reflection active and passive skills + formulas.
6)Fixed cloak of Beleth and cloak of Duelist.
7)Fixed transfer pain(turning off the toggle).
8)We've increased the damage of WL by 15% vs other classes(not working on olympiad).
9)Fixed problem with closing game-client session(Several players experience's issue, when they couldn't log into the game due to all (4) fake logged characters).

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