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19.04.2020 #Patch 2.0
[Image: KzFWsJv.jpg]
#PATCH 2.0
1. We have implemented a daily raid boss that will appear every day (18:30 server time) in one of the following locations. In addition to a standard drop, similar to the one you can see on the Queen Ant, each player will receive a package with amazing prizes. The prize is awarded to every person who actively participates in killing Kain. In the graph below you can see the real chances for the item.

[Image: U746ArF.png]

[Image: dgWowCJ.png]
[Image: sOde6Tr.png]
[Image: 8Y8lzbY.png]
[Image: QWbL38v.png]
[Image: Vs7V4YK.png]

2. We've added a little bit from Classic War System.  From now on, declaring war will also be available by killing enemy members(both sides). If one of the sides kill a member of the enemy clan (only PvP), the counter will increase by one. If the counter reaches 10 kills in one day between both clans, the war will be automatically accepted. What's more, both clans will get a punishment, if they cancel the war(removing one random Clan-skill). The penalty will last one day.

3. Improved Orfen and Core Raid Bosses. The exact date won't appear in alt+b and the window has been changed to 1H. From now on, they are more difficult to kill, but also the reward has been increased. We've added additional statistics to items:
a) Improved Ring of Core
- +5% P. ATK.
- +3% PVP Defence
- Base m def = 60
b) Improved Earring of Orfen
- +5% Mental Resist
- +5% Healing Power
- Base m def = 94
We reserve the right to change these epics if it will be necessary.
You can exchange two old ones for one Improved( NPC: Carina in Giran)

4. The mounts have arrived at the donation shop! (You can not use them in-combat)
a) Amden Orc

[Image: fy1U5sN.png]

b) Wind Strider Armor

[Image: JEo94px.png]

c) Buffalo Armor

[Image: gisWkZK.png]

d) Centaur Warrior

[Image: uRpaYXA.png]

e) Cucuru Mount

[Image: cNskfVb.png]

f) Orbis Beast

[Image: UsGBCL2.png]

g) Ostrich
[Image: fXDAIOV.png]

h) Star Strider Armored

[Image: 1GnpR6D.png]

i) Tiger Armor

[Image: rqHgavW.png]

j) Twilight Strider

[Image: F9dVaPr.png]

5. Changes to olympiad
-The count of registered players has been hidden. If there are more than 2 ppl registered, the olympiad manager will show "2+".
-Fixed restoring HP/MP/CP 5 sec after teleportation to the stadium (retail like).
-Fixed possibility of PK, if the match ends with TIE.
-Added information about the enemy class after teleportation to the stadium(middle-right).

Changes in chat:

a)Global chat reuse 5s--->10s (From now on, the punishments for non-english language(in some cases) will be drastically increased.)
b)Hero chat reuse 10s--->5min

Added PvP zone around the NPC: Klein.

Offline stores

a) Added possibility to create an offline buffer on craft.
b) Added possibility to create offline buffers in Clan Halls.
c) Added Pa'agrio's Fist to OL's buff store.
d) Added possibility to create offline shops in Clan Halls.

Ant Queen and Zaken(3 days) from Vote Coin shop.

- The statistics have been reduced by 5%.

10. Fixes
- Fixed Skill: Dark Flame
- Fixed Skill: Shadow Bind
- Fixed Skill: Voice Bind
- Fixed Skill: Curse of Life Flow
- Fixed Skill: Soul Web
- Fixed effect of skill weapon: Blood Brothers
- Added alt+b buffs +15(PA) for summon
- Fixed Skill: Recharge
- Fixed Geo-Engine

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