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07.06.2020 #Patch 3.0 part 1
[Image: 4TayZjF.png]
What's new?
1.Completely new interface (test it out). In the next few days, we will prepare a small tutorial.
2. We have added the possibility to switch the language in the game to Russian (sometimes can be a default,  so you need to change it here.
[Image: oV6qWo1.png]

3. We've implemented Radio, so you can listen to your best stations in-game. (tutorial soon).
4. Re-work DV and LOA. Now everything, including spawns, mobs AI is like on PTS files.
5.Fixed visual bug related with clan crest
6.Fixed bug related to CP Potions. From now on, you can not bug it on shortcuts. The delay is 2seconds.
7.Fixed berserker's skill path
8.Fixed skill: Mana burn
We've already made it, but we need to do more tests.
Twitch system
GvG Tournaments(3v3,5v5,9v9)
Daily rewards
Achievements system(daily/weekly/monthly quests)
Teleportations flag

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