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[Social] Discord Event
[Image: 7883mOI.png]

This is the most simplest event ever, so do not regret and join it !

·   Join our discord channel --> LINK
·   Invite 2 people ---> make screen ---> attach screen in this thread. Please, use

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

·   Answer the question  in this thread: "What do you expect from us/our server?"

Everyone, who will participate in this event will receive EXP/SP Rune 50%(24h) Box & Drop Rune 25% for 24h + 10 FA. Prizes will be distributed after "Be like a Flash" event.

Other pre-launch promotions:
· Facebook Event
· [OBT]Olympiad games "Best three"
· Stream Contest
· Skype Event

Jest to najprostszy konkurs który kiedykolwiek powstał -  musisz wziąć w nim udział!

· Dołącz do naszego kanału na discord -> LINK
· Zaproś 5 osób ---> Zrób screenshota ---> Dołącz go w tym wątku
· Odpowiedz na pytanie w tym wątku: „Czego oczekujesz od nas / naszego serwera?”

Nagrody :
Każdy, kto weźmie udział w tym konkursie, otrzyma Runa EXP / SP 50% (24h), Runa zBox / Drop 25% na 24h. Nagrody zostaną rozdane po wydarzeniu „Be like a flash”.

Inne konkursy przed oficjalnym startem serwera:
· Facebook Event
· [OBT]Olympiad games "Best three"
· Stream Contest
· Skype Event

[Image: 89601456_610074069833176_291389703414035...e=5E959BDE][Image: 89592825_2327099074256965_74383262221042...e=5E941314]

[Image: 89550668_197291784877299_221821128393988...e=5E8D2F89]

Quote:"What do you expect from us/our server?"

I expect good PVP / PVE polish ppl bulling me for PK ;c, just fun from best game <3
[img][Image: rsAXJHu.png][/img]

"What do you expect from us/our server?"
I expect the best fun and PvP.
RetardTeam 2015-2018
AfterLife [CP] 2013-2018
[Image: f905f3e7ce2a.png]
  [Image: Bobaf9X][img]<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="Bobaf9X"><a href="https://imgur.com/Bobaf9X">View post on imgur.com</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>[/img][img][Image: Bobaf9X.jpg][/img][img][Imgur](https://imgur.com/Bobaf9X)[/img]https://imgur.com/Bobaf9X


"What do you expect from us/our server?"

I expect 1 fair and balanced server, with NO BOTS, i have the person who invented Botting.
What do you expect from us/our server?:

Normal things, long term server, staff taking care about botting, events, balacende pvp. Lot of fun.

[Image: 8n9xI82.png]

"What do you expect from us/our server?"
- No bots / balanced classes
    [Image: nM8kkwj-Ilahr7NQ_0WY0hJNDXwUcJibIOSm4rXR...95-h969-no]


Quote:·   Answer the question  in this thread: "What do you expect from us/our server?"

-good fun,no boots and more party ppl no just slo runners

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