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[OBT]Olympiad Event-->WIN FREE PA (x77)
[Image: FlEletM.png]
This new event is for everyone who will participate in our Open Beta Tests.

The launch of OBT is quite close, so we decided to launch the event entitled "Best three". In other words, best three olympiad players, who accumulate the largest amount of points will receive Premium Account for 1 month.

There is one exception --> In the case, that two players have the same class and they both are in "best three", the second player from the class table is out of the game. A fourth person jumps in to replace him!

All heroes from beta-tests will receive 15FA +  1x RANDOM SPECIAL ACCESSORY ON LIVE START!

Olympiad games will be available from 10:00 AM to 00:00  (14h/day)

Good luck!
Top 3 Olympiad Players on Beta-Tests won PA for 1 month. Contact =sw= on Discord.
1.GeTo    284 Points        Soultaker
2.zoya         227 Points          Archmage
3.Rezho      182 Points          Phantom Summoner

People, who won 15FA +  1x RANDOM SPECIAL ACCESSORY:

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