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07.06.2020 #Patch 3.0 part 2/3
-New shortcuts

[Image: jEJMJTH.png]
-Auto cache clearing ( no more DC on spots)
[Image: 0ajlEQH.png]
-New buttons/HTML
-Fixed Default Langauge

2. Added Facebook Integration ---> From now on you will be rewarded for like/comment/share our fb posts.
-command .fb

Example of the task:

[Image: hRBdsB8.png]

3. Added Twitch Integration
[Image: hCvkAm5.png]
The stream has to be launched for about 15 minutes to be able to connect the account.
[Image: QDrzkoK.png]


[Image: bL3IHMc.png]
We want to remind that our site converts all shadow viewers to your channel!

4.GvG Event (beta) --> We gonna launch our script on upcoming Beta Tests x77 server. (description In-Game). At the beginning, only 3v3 fights will be available.

5. Implemented PAYOP Payments.

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