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OPEN BETA TEST 02.10.2020
Dear friends!

Open Beta Test will start on 02 October 18:00 +2GMT(Warsaw time)!

To take part in testing you will need:
High Five Client
- our system/updater

Register a master account account
  • Go to our homepage - https://l2against.eu
  • Click to Registration
    [Image: A0oU14Z.jpg]
    It takes you to the registration page
    [Image: gtRG65X.png]
    • In the first line indicate your email, which will be your login for MA
    • In the second line and the third line, enter and repeat your password.
    • Agree with the rules and click the registration.
    • After registration, a letter of confirmation will be sent to your email.
    • Next, you need to go to your Personal Cabinet (Master Account)
  • [Image: XqdbqVX.png]
    [Image: mxFwmxh.png]
    Register game accounts:
    • After logging in to Master Account you can create game accounts.
    • At the time of the first entry, you already have one game account that was registered when you registered with MA. In total
    • You can register game accounts by using the "+" button next to the first game account
    • Now You can enter the game!
Important info:
·        All characters will be deleted after the end of OBT;
·        All accounts that have been created will not be deleted.
·        If you find any bugs (if any)let us know in this section. We will take care of it before the live start and if it qualifies to our Bug Bounty Program you will be rewarded.
·        On OBT rates and configuration will be the same as on Live Start. We’ll give you access to Beta-NPC, who have all kind of things.
·        Olympiad will be open from 10:00 AM +1 GMT  to 00:00 +1GMTCheck out our olympiad Event!

Have fun!

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