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06.09.2020 Patch 4.0
- A few improvements (avoiding crashes)
- Increased camera zoom distance

- Added daily rewards (Receive a free prize once a day, subject to one condition. If you do not log in for a few days, your prize collection process will stop at the last reception. Prizes will automatically change every 14 days).

[Image: scH9H0j.png]

- Added possibility to see another player's equipment (shift + LPM on player).
- Fixed disappearing destiny circlet.
- The possibility to use wh outside the city has been removed.
- Active and Passive reflect has been added to donate shop.
- Fixed cancellation on Siege ---> From now on, you won't be able to cancel skill: Charm of Courage.

- Fixed empty shops.
- Fixed Offline AIO buffers --> From now on, the buffer who does not have PA will log out immediately.
- Fixed the changing colour of the nick (offline shop).
-Added daily GvG event(the whole description IN-GAME).
-Added possibility to buy/sell items for donation coin in Auction House.

Added anycast proxy with 10 servers all over the world for the nearest players hotspot:

Dallas, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
Ashburn, VA
New York, NY
Amsterdam, NL
Roost, LU
London, UK
São Paulo, BR
Tokyo, JP

4.Auto GvG
-Added daily GvG events 18:00 Warsaw time (16:00 UTC Server time)

[Image: aLelAQX.png]
[Image: AoSN2j8.png]


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