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[POLL] Mana potions & Steal of Divinity
Dear Players,

We have less than a month to start, and we would like to raise two issues i.e. mana potions and skill: Steal of Divinity.

1. Currently, mp potions work on principle 1000mp per 12 seconds. Our players made a suggestion that we should change the system a little bit to avoid limitless pvp time like this one: 37min GvG. We would like to point out that this is a low-mid configuration, so we will not remove them completely. We've prepared several solutions, that you can vote in this topic. Please express your opinion on this topic, because this poll is only a suggestion for us to make the change.

2. As most of you know, because you are tracking our discord server, our cancellation mechanic is a little bit different. You can steal from 1 to 5(rng) buffs. 100% for steal the first one, if the target doesn't have any item for cancel resist. Then 85 % for second, 72,25% for third, 61,41% for 4th, 52,2% for 5th (loop each time). The question is whether steal divinity should take random buffs or only the last?
We see cons and pros, because if it is random:
*Soulhound will be more useful in party;

*Most of the classes will have chance vs slh on olympiad(like titan)
What should the system of mp potion be like?
(29 votes total)
100mp every 1 second
9 (31.0%)
1000mp every 12 seconds
14 (48.3%)
6 (20.7%)

Whether steal of divinity should take random buffs or those from the end?
(23 votes total)
Random Buffs
11 (47.8%)
Last buffs
12 (52.2%)

IMHO soh with random steal too op
So random cancel is fine and random steal is not ?
[Image: ikLkV3H.jpg]
Yes, soh dont need more power on oly. For example soh have problems with ee if he take acu emp he can win.
Titans lose anyway.
So hell knight or mages canceling buffs covered by "trashbuffs" is completly fine and soul hound sounds broken?
I dont get it at all.
First of all cancel mechanics always should take last buffs too it shall be equal, else you can just lose the only buff you cant rebuff (for example empower on prophet/ee) if you are unlucky - if you want to talk about olympiad mostly.

Also to pvp which is more considerable than olympiad - you always have to cover buffs you got out of party, or just after using big buffs for example kamael buffs you have to cover with other buffs so it wont be canceled instantly. So basicly cancel should work for last buffs so is steal divinity.

Qucik and most simple example:
You hunt with ur friend bishop, and you're geting ganked but just before u die u lose ur noble - coz some1 used cancel and you lost ur noble/cov/whatever even when it was covered by 10 buffs and dances. (doesnt matter if it was a crit with hero pole, or pvp dagger, or cancellation spell or tod w/e) You're get res and die again instantly because u have no buffs. Smile
[Image: ikLkV3H.jpg]
Just want to remind you guys all classes are retile like, so soh can hit weaker than other severs so additional nerf would not be necessary , same for all other classes. We'r gonna control the numbers and balance it to make fair game for all player Wink
Steal divinity =! Cancel so why you compare nukers /da to soh?
Because cancel and steal divinity mechanics (canceling last) on retail are the same so they should be same here,
w/e if administration decide it will be last as it should be or random
they both should work with the same mechanic Smile
simple as that
[Image: ikLkV3H.jpg]
So you 're telling me thats you cant get cancel on olympiad or cant get 4-5 steals on pvp right? Big Grin
[Image: ikLkV3H.jpg]
Problem is not about passing buffs or just canceling them but about losing a buffs which you should not loose because You overbuffed those precious buffs with some others.

Retail : Last buffs -> BOTH for cancel and for steal (same mechanic - taking last not random)
All the time Im talking about treating those skills equal in matter of BUFF ORDER you remove, not about buffs remaining on caster or passing out.

Make things EQUAL - so if cancelation is random so steal should be. Both are OP in that matter and RNG will decide if u will take good buffs or not.

In my opinion both cancel and steal should be removing last buffs only, not random so they wont break gameplay adding another random factor.

Also I think you are scared of Soul Hounds so much because on lol servers they are so OP - they wont be so strong here just like on retail.
How many SLH have you seen on PTS files on parties? Its not GF/GE unresistable buff steal Smile
[Image: ikLkV3H.jpg]

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