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[POLL] Mana potions & Steal of Divinity
Ask warcryer how He feels about it xD
Therefore, all classes must be playable to be limited by MP
Changelog: https://forum.l2against.eu/showthread.php?tid=46
@Mana Potion

Quote:Fixed Mana Potions (From now it works like greater healing potion) --> 100mp/second in PVP/PVE for 12 seconds, 15(3)seconds delay.
If the reuse of mana potions won't be enough, we will increase it. We need to make live tests Smile

@Steal Divinity
Quote:5)Fixed Cancellation system on Steal of Divinity:
a)steal 1-5 last buffs(alternately (songs/dance)/buffs, which means it steals (d/s)-->buff--->/(d/s)-->/buff -->(d/s)
b)chance for each steal = 40%, which means you can steal for example: 3 dance/song--> (d/s) -successful-->buff-failed-->(d/s)-successful-->buff-failed-->(s/d)-successful. If you do not have s/d, it iterates by only last 5 buffs.
c)all items/buffs/skills decrease this chance depends on these things.
I think we've found the solution, right ?
A better solution would be to start the game without MP and if it doesn't play, turn it on

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