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23.02.2014 #Patch 0.7
#Patch 0.7

-Rebuild the whole teleportation system (removed vulnerability for bots)
-Fixed issue on hard Freya (too many instance mobs)
-Fixed issue related to wrong "epic boss respawn" data in community board
-Fixed Frintezza teleportation vortex
-Hard Freya drop has been nerfed x2(only elegia)
-Scarlet van Halisha drop has been nerfed x1.5(only armor drop)
-Added global announcement + earthquake on Epic Raid Boss spawn
-Added No-Carrier system after disconnect (you will be online for at least 60 seconds)
-Added vesper drop items to Core/Orfen/Queen Ant (low chance)
-Added PVP zone in Antharas Heart
-Other changes are related to website Smile

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