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08.03.2020 #Patch 0.8
#Patch 0.8
1)Fixed spawn mobs on DV.
2)Fixed Social AI on DV(Gem Dragons + all Drakos).
3)Fixed appearing Drakos Assasins from Drakos Guardians(AI).
4)Fixed speed of Scorpion Bones/Hard Scorpion Bones/Giant Scorpion Bones.
5)Fixed Cancellation system on Steal of Divinity:
a)steal 1-5 last buffs(alternately (songs/dance)/buffs, which means it steals (d/s)-->buff--->/(d/s)-->/buff -->(d/s)
b)chance for each steal = 40%, which means you can steal for example: 3 dance/song--> (d/s) -successful-->buff-failed-->(d/s)-successful-->buff-failed-->(s/d)-successful. If you do not have s/d, it iterates by only last 5 buffs.
c)all items/buffs/skills decrease this chance depends on these things.
6)Fixed Mana Potions (From now it works like greater healing potion) --> 100mp/second in PVP/PVE for 12 seconds, 15(3)seconds delay.
7)Event BeLikeaFlash is fully automated. Each player, who meet the requirements will receive the reward automatically and everyone will see an announcement on the screen.
8)Some fixes in HTML's.
9)Added Clan Activation reward (every clan leader, who has a minimum of 15 members online will receive 6lvl and 4x10 Clan Eggs + 1x Destruction Tombstone +15K CRP. https://forum.l2against.eu/showthread.php?tid=11
10)Fixed claiming clan level and clan skills by donation coins.
If you already have 8 level or higher, the next level costs you less as much as it cost the previous one. The same scheme working for clan skills (more info in-game).
11)Added Offline buffers only for premium. You can freely use your character on the same account and buffer will stay in offline mode.
Our team is working on the project all the time continuously, for this level of product support, a good financial situation is needed. As we said, on our server won't exist any GCM/ATT/Auto enchant/fundation & armors/weapons/jewels with grade Morai+ in donation,  so we think it's reasonable.

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