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[Info]5 days left to Beta-Test
[Image: DqJ1YuP.png]
Dear friends!

First of all, I want to thank you for your support. Our community is still growing and let's keep that way!
The Spring is coming together with BBQ, walking in the woods, warm days and officially good mood, but to be honest you can't wait for the Beta-Tests and grinding 24/7, right?

We would like to share with you some information associated with Open-Beta, but firstly We say a few words about our project.
We were invested a huge advertising budget to promote our server - in a couple of days, you gonna see us on the most websites. We are focused on advertising mostly for European and South America countries, so you can make friends from all over the World.
We took only the best positions like maxcheaters forum, which ads will appear soon. We assigned our server to the best places, such as l2hopzone, l2top.co, l2network, l2votes.com, l2servers.com, mmotop.eu (included API) -->Btw. We
would like to ask you to vote on our server to gather as many people as possible.
In a few days, we will also launch Google Ads!

Ok, done..Let's talk about things, which were the reason that you exactly come here!

New #Patch 08 --> LINK

We will open the Beta-Tests on 13.03.2020 6PM (18:00) +1GMT Poland Time

Every player, who will log in between 18:00-20:00 +1GMT will receive 5Credits on the Grand Opening!

More information about the connection to the server you can find  HERE (links updated).

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