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09.03.2020 #Patch 0.9
#Patch 0.9
1) Fixed offline buffers (from now they will appear after server restart).
2)Deleted "Stone"(AOE) augment from Donate shop.
3)Added olympiad counter (It shows the count of people, who are registered).
4)Fixed event buffs(From now everyone has equal chances --> buffs +0).
5)Fixed reuse delay(Npc buffer).
6)Deleted dynasty crusher from donating shop.
7)Fixed P def of hero cloaks.
8)Removed "ghost" craft buffs from the scheme.
9)Disabled Dual-Dagger Mastery on Kameal/ Orc Fighter/Orc Mystic/Human Mystic.
10)Fixed Mana-Potion system(It's not a buff anymore). Unfortunately, mana potion exchanging with greater healing potion (only visual bug). We will fix it soon.
11)Fixed Raidboss zone range.
12)Fixed disappearing GM-Shop Icon.
13)Fixed Cancellation system. We've increased the chances of successful cancellation by 7%.
14)Fixed minions of Raidboss: Core.
15)Fixed cloaks - from now working like on retail. You need to meet the requirements.
16)Fixed statistics of Aenkinel(81,82,84lvl).
17)Decreased despawn time of 3rb corpses from 3min to 1,5min.
18)Fixed getting clan skills from Donate(If you have a higher clan level than the level of clan skill, you are able to acquire them).
19)Fixed .vote (we need more tests).

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