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17.03.2020 #Patch 0.12
#Patch 0.12

1) Fixed Skill: Purify and Skill: Mass Purify(retail-like) --> From now on, it removes the debuff at the first effect.
2) Fixed Skill reuse time on join(Events) --> From now on, all skills are reset at the event entrance.
3) Fixed multiple global announcements from Olympiad Manager.
4) Fixed Skill: Escape Schackle on Daggers(retail-like) --> From now on, you can not escape from the magic root.
5) Fixed our Certification System(a few improvements to last modifications) --> Now everything should work correctly.
6) We've removed Non-Carrier state due to many problems on Olympiad-Games. We're gonna reinstate this option someday.
7) Fixed taking buffs on Events -->You don't have to wait 10 seconds to get buff again.
8) Fixed dropping items on the ground --> You are able to drop only Adena due to Lucky Pigs fact.
9) Fixed transferring attribute on Necromancer's summon.
10) We've removed colour nickname on Offline-Buffers.
11)Fixed Reward from our Event's(We will improve it a little bit till start).
12)Fixed formulas depend on skill damage(Archers and Berserker).

Nerfed skills
Skill: Fear base chance rate:40%(retail like) -->35%
Skill: Disarm base chance rate: 70%(retail like) --> 65%

We've looked again at the data from our implemented loggers and based on tests, we've made a few changes in damage on Olympiad.

Mystic Mouse 100% => 90%
Archmage 100% => 90%
Overlord will receive 15% damage more overall

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