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20.03.2020 #Patch 1.0
#Patch 1.0
Important changes:
1)Global drop & spoil rate have been changed to more dynamic x5-x3 due to our retail chances(do not compare it to other mid rates, because we've still better chances.
2)Vote rune has been changed(From now on, it's increasing +5% PvP damage/defence and +10% Adena/Exp rate) instead of +1 to all statistics.
3)Fixed Magic Critical Damage to mobs(improvement to patch 0.10 --> we've forgotten about PVE)
4)We've changed the drop chance from 7RB (DV) to chances not higher than 5%.
5)First epics respawn:
-QA/CORE/ORFEN(every 2 days) --> Check alt+b
-BAIUM after first week(then every week) -->Check alt+b
-Valakas will spawn after 2 weeks(then every 2weeks) --->Check alt+b
-Antharas will spawn after 3 weeks(then every 2 weeks) ---> Check alt+b
6)First sieges:
-After two weeks (05.04.2020)--> Check Siege Informer(It's showing the date including your time zone)

Minor improvements
1)Fixed drop rate of quest item (Heart in Search of Power).
2)Fixed quest Ghost of Batur.(80lvl).
3)We've increased the quest drop item(Mahums) x2-x3.

3)Fixed skill: Spell Turning(From now on, it disrupts a nearby target's casting(retail-like).
4)Fixed noblesse teleports.
5)Fixed trading/mailing Augment Item(From now on, you can not do it).
6)Fixed RaidBoss Curse to retail.
7)Fixed chances of weapon blockade to retail(If we see that it will negatively affect the game, we will reduce the chance).
8)Fixed adding to macro skill: Lesser Celestial Shield from Augment.
9)Fixed skill damage of Tidal Wave(200-->228).
10)Fixed chances of Shock Wave to retail.
11)Fixed Disarm effect(From now on, it doesn't block your whole eq, only weapon).
12)Fixed Offline Buffers (The display of buffs such as Miracle, Celestial etc. has been blocked.)
13)Fixed SA(haste) in most s84 weapons.
14)Fixed dropping Crystal Fragments on the ground.
15)Fixed damage of Triple Sonic Slash.
16)Fixed drop of Knight's Epaulette(From now on, all guards are level 80 and it should be fine).
17)We've increased little life stones and BEWA/BEWB price for FA/donate coins.
18)We've added Soul Crystals level 13,14 to FA/Donate Shop and prices have been changed (only Soul Crystals).
19)Fixed Soul Crystal levelling to retail x2, except Instances and Epic Raid bosses.
a)If something had lower than 5%-10%,we've doubled this chance.
b)Delusion x2-x4
20)Added new splashing/loading screen.
21)Few other cosmetic changes.

Lately, we have been sleeping as much as the Polish Minister of Health At

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